A Community-Oriented Bitcoin Layer2 BRC20 Trading Platform with Fairness, Shared Benefits, Transparency, and Low Gas Fees SATSAT is an order book trading system for BRC20 tokens that is built on the Bitcoin second-layer network, MAP Protocol. It functions similarly to the existing Bitcoin Layer 1 order book trading systems but distinguishes itself by being constructed on the Bitcoin second-layer network MAP Protocol, offering a transaction system with significantly lower gas fees. Additionally, the transaction fee revenues are allocated to the community members.

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Drastic Reduction in BRC20 Token Trading Gas Fees

Bitcoin Layer 1 network's gas fees anre notoriously expensive, which forces users to opt for OTC trading or to limit their on-chain transactions as much as possible. Statistics indicate that 70% of BRC20 trading activity comes from off-exchange OTC escrow transactions, presenting a substantial risk of asset loss for users and significant legal risks for guarantors. The primary reason most trading takes place off the Bitcoin network is due to the high gas fees. SATSAT's trading platform, deployed on the Bitcoin second-layer network MAP Protocol, has a gas fee cost that is hundreds of times lower than that of the Bitcoin network.


Connect BRC-20 Tokens on Bitcoin L1 to L2 via Rolluper

Thanks to Bitcoin L2 — MAP Protocol and Rolluper — the roll-up solution for BRC-20 token trading. Users can easily roll up their BRC20 tokens via Rolluper to MAP Protocol – the Bitcoin L2 for low-gas trading on SATSAT. Rolluper is the key channel for rolling up BRC20 assets to Bitcoin Layer2 trading, initiated by the community and with $roup released for inscription. SATSAT uses Rolluper based on the fair launch principle.


Order Book Trading Mode Nearly Identical to Traditional Trading

To ensure that users can operate trades conveniently, the DApp deployed on the second layer network provides an almost identical trading experience to the BRC20 trading systems on the Bitcoin Layer 1 network.


Support for Trades Between Any Mainstream Chain Tokens and BRC20 Tokens

The Bitcoin second-layer network MAP Protocol used by SATSAT is a peer-to-peer cross-chain protocol built upon the lightclient technology defined by Satoshi Nakamoto, with its security backed by the Bitcoin network. It has already achieved cross-chain interoperability with major blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, NEAR, Conflux, Klaytn, etc., meaning tokens from these chains can be traded with BRC20 tokens.

Economic Model

As a Bitcoin ecosystem project, SATSAT distributes tokens to the community through a fair inscription process with zero pre-mining.

The total supply of STST is

21 million

Each Inscription is


Preliminary Proposal for Platform Fee Revenue Allocation
40%for SATSAT Community Developers
Community developers take on a pivotal role in covering initial development costs and ongoing platform maintenance. This group shoulders the risk of a fee-less platform, ensuring smooth operations and maximizing community benefits without immediate financial returns. This significant allocation also incentivizes the vital contributions of community operations personnel, essential for the trading platform's success and the maximization of community shared benefits.
60%for Buybacks
To ensure a balanced approach to rewarding platform users and managing the token ecosystem effectively, the remaining 60% are used for trading incentives and token burn.

Trading Incentives:


Of the remaining 60% of tokens allocated for buybacks, a portion of the revenues from 40% of these tokens will buyback $STST and be allocated as rewards for traders on the SATSAT trading platform.

Token Burn:


The other 20% of the buyback tokens are designated for strategic purposes. Within this 20%, a breakdown of the allocation is as follows:


will be used to buy back $roup tokens and burn.


will be dedicated to buying back $stst tokens and burn.


is allocated for the buyback of $mapo brc-20 tokens and burn.

Special Arrangements

MAP Protocol Native Token. The native token of the Bitcoin layer-2 MAP Protocol network is $MAPO (in MRC20 format), which is issued on the MAP Protocol mainnet in the MRC20 format. As the trading platform is deployed on the MAP Protocol mainnet, $MAPO is used as one of the trading pair currencies, which encourages more members of the MAP Protocol community to participate.
MAPO (in BRC20 format).To show appreciation for the support of the MAPO BRC20 community, 3% of the revenue from each period will be used to buy back MAPO (in BRC20 format), which will then be completely destroyed.
Development of the order book system's trading contract.
Interface development for connecting the order book system's trading contract.
Development of the personal trading system center: order, history of completed transactions.
Construction and functional stability testing on the testnet.
Official launch of the productized order book trading system (SATSAT).
Support for more BRC20 assets to be listed and traded on the Layer 2 platform.

The anticipated launch time for this project is 4-8 weeks, depending on the collaborative progress of the SATSAT global technical community.